Questions and Answers with the Owner

These are a couple of the questions I received over the course of the 2008 Holiday season.
I want people to understand where I'm coming from so here's a short list.

Q - Do you really have the figures in stock that you show on your site?

A - Yes I do. I work hard to manage my own site and my own inventory and will not mislead my
customers with one thing and ship them a completely different item.

There may be instances that I have one of a certain figure in stock and am selling that figure
in two locations. On my site and one on I will do my best to fill both orders, however
the order that will be filled first is the order that came in first. First come first served. That's
fair to me. I will work with my customers to see if I can't acquire another of that particular
figure to meet their needs. After all, I'm in business to sell figures not refund orders.
It's not fair to my customers and it's not a good business practice.

Q - Why are your prices higher than other sites?

A - Contrary to what some people may believe, my prices are actually good. All the
figures I offer on this site can no longer be purchased wholesale from the manufacturer because
they are no longer being produced. These figures are highly sought after collectibles that
you either want or you don't. If you're just a passive fan then some of these prices may be
considered high but most sites only offer products or services. I am offering you both. By
me accumulating these figures to sell to fans, enthusiasts and collectors I've provided a service.

Q - What are the advantages of purchasing from your site?

A - Prompt order turnaround, guaranteed ethnicity of your figure and
United States Postal Service Priority mail shipping with delivery confirmation.

The bottom line is this...
You either want what I'm offering or you don't. Price is not a deterrent for something you really want.
I have the selection that other sites only wish they had.

I will be happy to field any additional questions, comments or concerns you may have.
Email me rob at mcfarlanes military dot com (

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